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  • Science of Singing
    How Do Vocal Cords Really Work??
    Vocal cords, also known as vocal folds, are a key component of a singer’s instrument. But do you know how they work? We all know that vocal cords vibrate to make sound - but there’s more to it than that, and developing an understanding of how the voice really works leads to improved technique and v...
  • Vocal Technique
    How to Be Heard Clearly Through a Mask
    One of the most unexpected developments of 2020 is the new “popularity” of masks — aka face coverings. Whether you’re giving a presentation, catching up with a friend or ordering an orange mocha frappuccino, you’ve most likely experienced some challenges communicating clearly through a mask. Bet...
  • Vocal Technique
    How To: Sing the Riff from Tory Kelly's PYT
    Want to improve your riffing? Then of course you’re watching Natalie Weiss and her spectacular Breaking Down the Riffs series! As Natalie explains, “The key to riffing in my opinion is pitch; once you have pitch, you can riff!…It’s all about just remembering the pattern.” Watch here to see Natal...

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