content for singers designed to create happier, more successful humans through the magic of music!

content for singers designed to create happier, more successful humans through the magic of music!

Welcome! is where singers learn! Our platform for “everything singing” is designed to spark joy as we become better, happier singers. is where you’ll find our digital voice lesson content, from voice lessons to interviews and more, including Smart Singing for Babies.

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“Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen

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where singers come to learn

Why Smart Singing? is a central hub for curated singing information that sparks joy. From our Style That Song comparisons to the science behind the voice, from the best voice instructors and best singers on the planet, you’ll find short, enjoyable, revealing content covering every aspect of singing. We keep it quick, helping you find the exact moment in a video that’s relevant, and reducing long articles to what matters. is free for all, and you can even request a weekly email update of the best new articles.

Revolutionary Digital Voice Lessons is where you’ll find the world’s best digital voice lessons. Weekly videos, led by singing professional and voice teacher April Malina, range from insightful interview sessions with successful singers, to voice lessons that have been filmed, edited, annotated, and overlaid with commentary. You’ll have a peek into what the pros are doing in their lessons, and learn what American Idolists, Broadway stars, and TV personalities have learned from their voice instructors… and what they should have learned.


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