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Smart Singing is where singers come to learn! Our uplifting content for singers – from beginners to professionals – has one goal: to create happier, more successful humans through the magic of music.

We’re here to help you find and empower your voice through curated, effective content that sparks joy, is always positive, and supports your voice … as well as your head and heart.

Smart Singing was founded by renowned voice instructor and professional singer April Malina. After nearly 3 decades as a successful singer, performer, and voiceover artist, April felt compelled to help others find happiness and joy – as she has – through singing. Her mission became clear: make the world a better place through music.

So that’s our goal: to make a difference in the world.

Where Singers Come to Learn is a central hub for curated singing information that sparks joy. From our Style That Song comparisons to the science behind the voice, from renowned vocal instructors and some of the best singers on the planet, you’ll find short, enjoyable, revealing content covering every aspect of singing. We keep it quick, helping you find the exact moment in a video that’s relevant, and reducing long articles to what matters. is free for all, including our weekly Singing Notes, a convenient email with the week’s content.

Digital Voice Lessons
(COMING SOON!) is where you’ll find the world’s best digital voice lessons. Our weekly videos, led by singing professional and voice teacher April Malina, range from insightful interview sessions with successful singers to voice lessons full of singing techniques and insider tips and tricks.

Launching soon, with huge discounts to our earliest subscribers! Interested? Let us know …

Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.

Smart Singing for Babies

Smart Singing for Babies is a 90-minute fun & fast course – for parents to watch – to help their 0 to 2 year old learn speaking (and eventually singing) faster, easier, and with a stronger parental connection.

As April raised her son, she noticed that many singer’s kids learned to speak faster than expected. And she realized that many of the elements of singing training could be adapted to create a smarter, healthier baby. So April consulted with other voice teachers – and even brought in a Behavioral Therapist –– to create a fun DVD (now streaming) to teach parents these very same techniques. As you watch it, you’ll find tips for better bonding with your child, how to accelerate learning, and how to prepare your infant for singing … and speaking!

You’ll also receive access to Smart Singing Lullabies, April’s album of sleep-inducing songs for baby.

This is now available digitally, for the first time! And with fun gift cards coming soon as well!! Check out the introduction (FREE) here >

Angels of Music by Smart Singing

Angels of Music is our community outreach program, where we give back to help singers and the singing world.

We believe that singing can change the world! We have 3 primary ways to give back:

  • Scholarships: For each subscriber to our Lessons platform we offer a matching scholarship for a singer-in-need to use the platform. Win/win!
  • Sponsorships: We’ll sponsor local music-based organizations where we can make a difference through our knowledge, equipment, or space.
  • Promotion: We will help get the word out for great causes wherever possible! We’re all in this together, and we want to help singers help singers.

Interested in connecting about Angels of Music? Contact us through our Partner page here >

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