I get asked about voice straws often, and I definitely think they’re a valuable resource. Using pressure and resistance in the throat, voice straws function as a training and rehabilitation tool for the vocal folds.

Working with a straw can alleviate vocal fatigue, reduce tension and strain, help to bring out natural resonance, eliminate vocal breaks, breathiness and cracking, facilitate optimal breath support and improve efficiency of voice production, all of which begs the question – is there anything voice straws CAN’T do?! (Answer: Yes, it’s a bit of a personal choice item — they’re not for everyone!)

To find out more about this handy tool, here’s a great video from one of the manufacturers, The Voice Straw, on how they work:

Personally, we love these OOVO straws — attractive, effective, and it doesn’t hurt that their slogan rhymes (“The Best Choice for a Better Voice” – it’s just fun to say, amiright?)

Check out their Instagram > or website >

Here are some cool vocal exercises (intermediate level, more on this page >). Try the laughing!:

Learn more about OOVO straw > or The Voice Straw >

Have you used a vocal straw? What’s your favorite aspect or best take away?

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