So you’re gearing up to sing some tunes, to belt some hits, to bust out some serious vocal stylings? More power (ballad) to you! But what is the perfect vocal warm-up? Is there such a thing? The truth is, the answer will be different for each singer.

Like stretching before a workout, warming up your voice helps maintain its condition and prevent injury while enhancing your vocal range and ability, allowing you to become a better singer over time.

Here are three videos that will get you started on your search for YOUR best vocal warm-up!

Eric Arceneaux: Professional Vocal Warmup 1 – “Opening Up the Voice” 

The 1st of 4 videos in Eric’s comprehensive warm-up series! In this video he starts with a body warm-up, which works to reduce strain, improve fullness in the upper register and prevent vocal fatigue. 

Short on time? Watch from 4:18 to get right into the exercises!

Madeleine Harvey: 10 Minute Vocal Warmup – Do This Before You Sing!

In this video, Madeleine focuses on breath and tone (including a great exercise that helps to prevent throat strain).

Watch her exercise for activating breath and stabilizing the diaphragm from 1:21 to 4:35

Watch her exercise for creating more agility and flexibility in the diaphragm from 4:35 to 7:16

Watch her exercise for balancing tone from 7:16 to 11:30

Vocal Splendor Studios: Vocal Sirens – Best Warm Up Exercise for Singing | How to Sing High Notes Better

Valerie White Williams’ #1 favorite vocal warm-up is vocal sirens, which

help to teach vocal technique, while coordinating the energetic system of breathing with the relaxation in the face. They’re also a great way to warm up those high notes!

To go straight to her demonstration of the vocal siren, watch from 0:54

Eric Arceneaux: Professional Vocal Warmup 4 – “Strengthening The Voice”

We’re back with Eric! His favorite vocal exercise if he’s only got time to do one is the vocal fry, which strengthens overall range, provides greater tone clarity and greater overall ease when singing.

Start at 1:15 to hear Eric begin to demonstrate this invaluable warm-up technique!

What’s your favorite vocal warm-up exercise? Let us know in the comments!

Bonus Content 

Celine Dion Shows Larry Her Vocal Warm-Ups

Witness the legend herself show Larry King how even legends benefit from a good lip trill:

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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