Ever notice how your skills as a singer skyrocket whilst singing in the shower? There’s a good reason for that. In a word: science!

“Shower You” could totally end up on Team Blake because of amplification, resonance and reverberation.

Hard-surfaces in your bathroom amplify the volume, bringing out bass tones and creating echoes of overlapping sound that mask some imperfections.

The good news is, you can use the resonant spaces in your own instrument to produce better sound anywhere! Add a dose of that notorious shower-singing confidence, and you’ll be well on your way to winning it all on The Voice with your radiantly resonant version of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”! (Any Wham fans out there? Anyone? Bueller?)

Check out these videos that can help you resonate with joy:

Sing Powerfully Without Straining – Placement, Resonance and the Mask of Singing

Katie DeNure discusses why we sound so good in the shower and teaches us how to achieve that beautiful sounding resonance outside of it!

Do You Really Sing Better In The Shower?

Stefan Chin teaches us the science behind why our voices sound better in the shower, and gifts us this fun fact: Weird Al Yankovic’s first hit single “My Balogna” was recorded in a bathroom.

Are You a Shower Singer? Why We Sound Better In The Shower!

Alex Villoria breaks it down for us with his theory on shower-singing, and a comparison demonstration (with his lovely voice!) of what singing sounds like in the shower versus a room with carpet and other soft materials that can dampen the sound:

Affordable Singing Lessons Quick Tip 1 – Singing In The Shower

Bless Joy Sikorski, this woman is a delight – she filmed this tutorial straight from the shower, and she is having the time of her life! Joy demonstrates an exercise for freeing your voice in the shower, encouraging singers to “own it” and be big, bold and silly. She certainly practices what she preaches. Learning stuff while smiling? YES please!

Fave Joy quote: “I’m back now, back in the shower just like I promised!” Go to 2:21 for this gem and to start with the exercise.

BTW – One more tip … the steam from a shower can be good for your vocal cords!

Any shower singers out there? Are vocal warm-ups your go-to or are you partial to a rousing rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody? Let us know your shower-singing playlist in the comments!

Bonus Content

Singing in the Shower – David Lopez

Up for a good chuckle? David gives us a hilarious demonstration of how some shower singers think they sound vs. how they actually sound, and the results are comedy gold:

Cat Is Concerned When Owner Sings In The Shower

Watch this adorable cat unwittingly engage in a duet with its owner as she sings in the shower, like a Disney princess no less (can we talk about that tone?!):

The comment section for this one does not disappoint:

> “Woman: Sings like a literal angel. Cat: STOP THAT HORRID WHINING AT ONCE YOU INSOLENT BANSHEE!!”
> “Cat: Sing for me my angel of music!
> “Cat is saying, ‘Not quite my tempo’.”

Okay, let’s hear what you’ve got — comment below!

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