Want to improve your riffing? Then of course you’re watching Natalie Weiss and her spectacular Breaking Down the Riffs series! As Natalie explains, “The key to riffing in my opinion is pitch; once you have pitch, you can riff!…It’s all about just remembering the pattern.”

Watch here to see Natalie teach a young singer the pitch and pattern from the riff in Tori Kelly’s epic PYT:

Jump to 1:51 if you want to start from the riff breakdown, and 11:42 to hear the final result!

Mind blown?! We thought so. Check out more from Natalie on Instagram — we love her!

Bonus Content

Are you ready for THIS jelly? Join Ben Platt as Natalie teaches him that sweet, sweet riff from Bootylicious:

Learning starts at 3:45, the final riff is at 8:46.

What’s your best source for breaking down those riffs? Let us know in the comments!

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