I’m letting the Smart Singing family take a sneak peek into a full video of a voice lesson! In this one-hour lesson, Tianna and I cover 33+ tips & technique.

To make it easier, there’s navigation down the side so you can scroll ahead — or back — to your favorite moments. We cover how to sing when sick, some amazing techniques to help your sick voice, as well as vocalizing and why it matters.


How to sing when sick

01:00 The problem

02:45 Whisper Voice? No.

03:00 Vocal Folds and Air

04:35 Drinking Remedies & Cords

05:30 Hydration

06:10 Nebulizers

09:04 Mucus & singing

10:05 Experiment for you


10:45 Mindless Voice Lessons

11:20 It’s like Yoga

12:45 Yawn Exercise & soft palate

14:20 Why use your hands? How?

17:00 Buzzing

19:10 Be Present In Your Body

21:05 Circle hands help

22:30 Tianna hits whistle tones!!

23:10 More on the soft palate

25:05 Going to low notes

28:00 Avoid coughing on stage

28:30 Cracking your voice

29:45 Why and how your voice flips

30:25 Practice what works

31:30 Arpeggio tips, why we do it

32:20 Nasal sounds, why, how?

32:50 Be silly

35:05 The higher the note is…

36:00 The French O (focus air)

37:20 Silly French singing

39:30 “I’m lady Bridgerton”

42:10 Clucking like a chicken

42:45 “So, clench my butt cheeks?”

43:20 Wide mouth = flat note

44:00 Knowing where your body is

45:20 Make a note of where…

46:25 Go with your full body!

47:40 Adding an H or a glottal

48:30 Whining to Sing

49:30 Mixing (singing in mix)

50:10 “No, that’s not Barbie”

50:45 “… you’re from New York City”

52:50 Focusing your pitch

55:30 Finding vocal tracks

57:10 Tianna sings

58:40 Picking the right key track

60:00 Tianna sings

62:20 Just a half-note different

62:50 Being vulnerable

64:00 Are you a shiny sparkly human?

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